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Case Study

New website for sub-contract manufacturer

We are all under pressure to 'get stuff done', but sometimes you need to walk before you can run. This manufacturing case study explores how a request for web copy became a branding exercise, and why this was the most effective route to delivering a new website and building a strong brand for business growth and pandemic resilience.

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Julie Tickell
February 21, 2021
My story

Loving Industry from the start

Do you get a buzz from engineering? I do. I am fascinated by manufacturing and the process of creating something which makes so much possible. Although ‘made in the Midlands’ I was discouraged from a career in engineering. This is the first chapter of my story, revealing what makes me tick as a brand writer for the industries I write about

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Julie Tickell
February 11, 2021

Your brand personality speaks volumes

If you’re an SME investing more and more in digital marketing, but you don’t have your brand ‘ducks in a row’ you risk wasting time and money. Investing in getting your brand personality nailed first makes all the difference to getting the business results you’re looking for. Plus, your life will be a whole lot easier. Let me explain …

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Julie Tickell
January 7, 2021
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