Your brand personality speaks volumes

Julie Tickell
February 11, 2021

If you’re an SME investing more and more in digital marketing, but you don’t have your brand ‘ducks in a row’ you risk wasting time and money. Investing in getting your brand personality nailed first makes all the difference to getting the business results you’re looking for.  Plus, your life will be a whole lot easier. Let me explain …


Imagine if you went into a room of people and you didn’t have your personality to draw on and guide your conversations. How easy would it be to make any impression? Let alone the right one! That’s what it’s like communicating about your brand, without understanding who you are.

Your brand personality defines your brand traits from a human perspective. It makes it easier to know what to say to get noticed. It means your customers know what to expect. And the good news is that defining your brand personality makes for much more efficient and effective content generation.

Humans buy from humans. So, stop thinking about what you sell and think about the people you are trying to reach. Their likes. Their dislikes. Their needs. What they want to buy and who they want to buy from.  

Your humanised brand personality means you can interact and connect with your customers both digitally and naturally. Working with personality traits and brand values supported by your standout message, supporting messages and tone of voice.


So, how does your personality fit it with other branding terms, such as your brand identity?

Good question. Think of your brand identity as a starting point. Your brand identity defines how you want to be seen by your clients, or customers.

And then of course there is your brand image, which is how your target market currently sees you.

Even, if you have your logo, brand colours, headed paper and a website, you may still be struggling to generate good content. Then it’s time to build an appealing personality, which reflects your business proposition.  


If you want customers to connect with you, buy your services, buy your products, and love you forever, then they need to identify with your brand personality.

Today brand savvy businesses are turning the latest challenges into opportunities by infusing every piece of content, and everything they do with their brand personality. It has more impact when customers can see they share your values, beliefs, desires, and behaviours.  

I love helping brands uncover more personality to deliver content that connects.

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