New website for sub-contract manufacturer

Julie Tickell
February 21, 2021

Case study - CEL Group's 'Unrivalled Offshore Advantage'


CEL Group approached ‘The Brand Writer’ to rewrite the content for its website, to drive growth plans. After reviewing the business strategy, I strongly recommended strengthening the brand messaging first. Creating clear brand foundations on which to deliver the business vision, before redesigning a website, will always deliver better results, and quicker in the long run.

However, the old website was failing fast. The structure was less than SEO friendly and, even if you found the website its lack of mobile responsiveness made it difficult to read. So, there was no time to lose in refreshing the brand, aligning sales and marketing tactics, and creating the necessary sales assets. The website being priority!

Within six-months of working with me the problem was solved, and CEL Group was able to launch its shiny new SEO-agile website. Stepping out from the crowd to offer ‘Unrivalled Offshore Advantage’.

Let me tell you how...


CEL Group provides quality sub-contract manufacturing and UK warehousing for major OEMs. Manufacturing components to full box builds in China, it is a key supply chain partner to a wide variety of sectors – from Healthcare to HVAC and from Lighting to Leisure. It has engineering and logistics expertise, both in the UK and in Ningbo and Shenzhen, China. Plus, with substantial warehousing, at its Shropshire HQ, it is a ‘go to’ supply chain partner for many household brands.

In business since 2003, the management buy-out in 2018 marked the start of new phase of growth. With the Management Team's ambitious new vision and supportive business strategy CEL Group acknowledged the need for more investment in aspects of marketing. Updating the website was clearly urgent, but they had tried to make improvements previously which hadn't been successful. So, they weren't entirely sure where to start.


I recommended establishing the brand foundations first, ahead of writing web copy, or developing assets. The business had changed a lot, since its inceptio, and the brand needed to reflect this. Although there was a strong appetite to ‘get things done’ immediately the team accepted that getting brand clarity and bringing the whole team 'on board', was the best approach.

To deliver as quickly as possible the project was split into phases, with the first phase culminating in putting the new website live. It comprised five key work areas – a brand refresh, internal engagement, LinkedIn profiling, website rewrite and kicking-off sector-focused sales campaigns.

We had six-months to deliver. As CEL Group did not have dedicated marketing support,at this time, the Interim role of Marketing Manager was outsourced to 'The Brand Writer', to access proven expertise and experience in project management, marketing and B2B (business to business) copywriting.

I planned the process to ensure it was both thorough and fun. Budgets were agreed upfront with additional support provided by trusted partners for design, photography and website creation. Engaging workshops, and one-to-one support were used to involve the whole team in developing and taking the brand vision forward.


Like most SMEs, CEL Group’s ability to be responsive to customers, and new market opportunities, is vital. Careful management of the timeframes and dependencies ensured the first key phase of the project was delivered on time and on budget. Delivering a SEO-friendly and mobile responsive website within the six months, which can be easily maintained and updated.

The brand’s unique offering, it’s vision, mission and values were clearly defined and adopted by the whole team, in the UK and China. Improving internal communications and employee engagement, resulted in more interest and energy within the team. Breaking down silos, sharing a common purpose and amplifying the brand message.

Where previously, employees had been slightly nervous, and unaware of the CEL Group’s wider business aims, they are now far keener to get involved. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone and helping to build their confidence and brand understanding. Together we upgraded their LinkedIn profiles, rehearsed video scripts for YouTube features and all enjoyed ‘living the brand’ via the official photoshoot for the website.

Professional marketing assets, reflecting the clear brand message were developed to enable CEL Group to communicate its point of difference, more effectively. We gave 'Unrivalled Offshore Advantage' a voice through versatile sales presentations, website content, new sector brochures and regular blogs and social media posts.

The project laid great foundations for ongoing content, including sector specific material and e-marketing. The new website and brand messaging has enabled CEL Group to exceed its planned growth, by both reaching new prospects and connecting more effectively with existing customers. Launched in October 2019, 'Unrivalled Offshore Advantage' and its supporting marketing assets and brand confidence has help CEL Group respond proactively and successfully to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Check out the CEL Group website and to learn more about its work and follow them on LinkedIn.

And if you have a marketing challenge let's chat and get it sorted.